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      Why Payday Loans Are Worth It
      Posted at Sep. 30. 2011. with No Comments

      A pay day loan, also known as a paycheck advance, is a short-term cash loan that is usually repayable on the borrower’s next regular payday. The amount of the loan varies depending on the lender, the borrower’s needs and how much money the borrower makes. Pay day lenders rarely require a credit check. Applications for paycheck advance loans can be...

      What Is a Payday Loan Good for?
      Posted at Sep. 30. 2011. with 1 Comment

      People never forget that one terrible moment when that end of the month credit card statement arrives, and suddenly realize they may not have enough cash to make their minimum payment. They then rush to the internet, open their online bank account, and find they’re 150 dollars short from a payment due the following week. We have all been there,...